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Cyber Security

Always at the forefront of today’s ever changing cyber & technological threats, our team offers Security Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment Services, Risk Analysis from Vulnerability Scans to Full Penetration Testing, Cyber Forensics and more.

Cino Cyber Safeguard Advantage

Join the Cyber Revolution with this innovative new program designed to protect, educate and defend you in the cyber war. It is customizable and completely tailored to your specific needs.

Insurance & Risk Management

Providing day-to-day insurance and risk management needs for your company, including Cyber Security Insurance, Customized Employee Benefits Programs, Property & Casualty Insurance, etc.

Professional Development

Our Educational Services division offers an extensive selection of certification computer training from top technology providers for individuals looking to expand their IT skills in their current professions or looking to take the first step toward new careers.

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Featured Product

The PharmaWatch™ Solution

The technology that makes it extremely easy to remotely monitor temperature, humidity and other critical environmental conditions.

Start continuously monitoring your pharmaceuticals and vaccines with unprecedented accuracy and reliability, reducing staff time for greater productivity, and delivering complete and automated worry-free compliance.

  • Wireless Monitoring

    Tired of hard wired monitoring systems? Join the future with our wireless monitoring technology.

  • Alerts You Can Trust

    Finding out about problems too late? Set-up custom alerts which can be recieved via phone, text, email or pager.

  • Fully Automated Compliance

    Automatically updated every time a new compliance regulation is enacted or amended.

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