Hackers Breach Democratic National Committee Due to Ignored Warnings

The recent leak of emails on the eve of the Democratic National Convention has left the party reeling and scrambling to control the damage. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman of the DNC, will be resigning at the end of this week’s convention. The leaked emails showed that party officials, who are expected to remain neutral during presidential nominations, attempted to undermine the campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders while favoring that of Hillary Clinton.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the attack which, according law enforcement and security experts, may be linked to the Russian government. Russian officials deny their involvement but there is another question looming: Could this breach have been prevented? Answer: yes.

The DNC hired computer security consultants last fall to examine their networks. After a two-month review, the consultants concluded that the computer networks were susceptible to to attack. They were given many recommendations and security advice – which they ignored. In doing so, this allowed the hackers access for nearly a year.

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This story about the DNC and their inaction leading to a breach is a story that plays around the country every single day. Companies with inadequate or no cyber security program in place are most at risk.  However, they are not the only ones at great risk. Many companies, like the DNC, have a plan in place but do not act, perhaps out of a lack of education or because they simply think a breach couldn’t happen to them.

We have seen this happen for years and have developed a solution to combat this threat. The Cino Cyber Safeguard Advantage program is a comprehensive security program designed to protect your company from breaches like these. We begin with penetration testing in which we attempt to gain access to a system in order to expose its vulnerabilities. We then assess the results and customize a cyber security program based on your needs to protect your system. In addition, we train your staff and teach them good practices that will help them prevent inadvertently exposing the company to threats, which is why a vast number of breaches occur.

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‘Pokemon Go’ Phenomenon Provides More Opportunities for Cyber Criminals

Since it’s release in the beginning of July, ‘Pokemon Go’ has been at the top of the download lists on app stores. However, it’s release has been limited to the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Germany so far.

The lack of a global release by Nintendo is what is making users vulnerable. Since it isn’t available everywhere, users may be tempted to download it from unverified third-party app stores, exposing them to malicious apps.

Cyber criminals can repackage the ‘Pokemon Go’ app and turn it into malware.

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