CFDA Calls for Investigation Into Sellers of $88M Worth of Improperly Refrigerated Vaccines


The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) is working with local government officials to investigate the sale of $88 million worth of improperly refrigerated vaccines.

Could this have been prevented? Yes. Regulated Health Care Agency compliant technology for receiving real time notifications just like alerts received in response to unusual banking activity is now available for the vaccine industry.  More importantly, unusual vaccine storage events anywhere in he world such as vaccine temperature excursions can be detected and produce real-time alerts to most mobile devices anywhere in the world. Available alerts can provide early warnings of impending Health Authority violations for the storage of vaccines.

So what’s preventing government health authorities from mandating the same “smart technology” for protecting temperature sensitive vaccines and ultimately ensuring safe “banking” of public vaccine supply? Is $88M worth of improperly refrigerated vaccines a reason to consider a solution that provides real-time notifications of imminent excursions that could prevent vaccine losses? The technology that provides continuous monitoring of pharmaceuticals and vaccines with unprecedented accuracy and reliability is now available.

To learn more about PharmaWatch and how to receive a free demonstration for viewing PharmaWatch features, remotely viewing stored vaccines, biopharmaceuticals or possible unusual vaccine storage activity from anywhere in the world, please visit our PharmaWatch page by clicking here.