Tighten Up Your Cyber Security Strategies Now

While there are a variety of security offerings to aid in protecting your organization from a system breach, there is no one product or service that can protect every organization from every existing threat.

Cyber security has to be custom tailored to each individual organization based on their needs and level of vulnerability, security strategies, etc.

Designing a custom cyber security strategy for your organization is invaluable to strengthening its defenses against attack.

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Cybersecurity Demands Culture Change, DoD Official Says

Cyber is considered the fifth domain in warfare. It is very different from other forms of warfare due to how quickly a situation can change from one moment to the other.

The heavy dependency of the United States on all things cyber makes it very vulnerable to attack. As new threats arise and evolve, the way cyber security is perceived and approached must evolve as well.

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5 things your CEO should know about Cyber Security

Protecting your organization from cyber security and data breaches is of the utmost importance with cyber attacks occurring so frequently.

Many CEOs are realizing the importance of cyber security, especially those responsible for securing sensitive data. They not only want to avoid a breach but also the lawsuits that would ensue in the event of a breach.

Here are the 5 things your CEO should know to protect their organization from cyber crime. .

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Hackers Now Targeting Baby Monitors

As if the reach of hackers wasn’t extensive enough, breaches of baby monitors are now being reported. Wireless and/or internet connected home baby monitors are being targeted. Some hackers have gone so far as to post footage of the baby, the family, the home and anything captured by the camera online, without the consent or knowledge of the owner.

Beyond the obvious threat to the baby and family, these breaches pose a more serious threat. If hackers are able to expose a vulnerability on one of your internet connected devices, it facilitates the breaching of other devices you may have connected as well.

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Has Your iPhone Been Affected by A Malware Infection?

Security firm Palo Alto Networks has been working in conjunction with WeipTech, an amateur technology group, to identify a malware responsible for affecting more than 225,000 Apple accounts.

The malware, known as “KeyRaider,” creates system vulnerabilities by stealing iTunes usernames, passwords and payment information and storing it all on an unsecured server vulnerable to breach.

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