Rutgers University Willing to Pay $3 Million to Prevent Another Cyber Attack

Rutgers University isn’t taking any chances this school year. After having their system hacked at least four times in the last school year, the University is willing to pay up to 3 million dollars and have hired three security firms to prevent any further attacks this year.

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Apple Releases Security Updates for OS X Server, iOS, Safari and Yosemite

Apple has released several security updates in response to multiple vulnerabilities found that could allow a remote hacker to take control of an affected system.

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The Vulnerability of the Automotive Industry to Hackers

Two ethical hackers are explaining just how easy it is to expose the vulnerabilities of the automotive industry. By hacking the system of an automobile they are able to control the radio, windshield wipers and even remotely drive the vehicle, among other things.

Newer vehicles including 2013 and 2015 models are equally vulnerable as shown by the hackers.

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