Why Your Android Might Be Vulnerable to Attack

Stagefright for Android is a media playback service. According to a blog post by Zimperium zLabs, Stagefright contains multiple vulnerabilities.

Among them, multiple integer overflows and underflows which could allow a remote attacker to access files or execute code on the Android device. It could also give attackers access to the phone’s video and audio feeds in addition to the external storage.

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Fiat Chrysler Recalls 1.4 Million Cars To Prevent Hacking Attack

In an unprecedented move, Fiat Chrysler launched a massive recall on Friday in an attempt to protect its vehicles from computer hackers. In total, 1.4 million cars were recalled to update the infotainment software found in certain vehicles.

“Launching a recall is the right step to protect Fiat Chrysler’s customers, and it sets an important precedent for how NHTSA and the industry will respond to cyber security vulnerabilities,” NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind said in a statement.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating to determine whether the recall will be effective.

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Another Data Breach That Teaches A Valuable Lesson

AshelyMadison.com, a website that facilitates infidelity, has been breached. Data from Avid Life Media, its parent company, has been posted online by hackers who have identified themselves as the Impact Team.

In addition to Ashley Madison’s 37 million users, data from ALM’s other sites Cougar Life and Established Men has also been compromised.

The Impact Team explains in an online manifesto that they “decided to publish information in response to alleged lies ALM told its customers about a service that allows members to completely erase their profile information for a $19 fee.” They claim that users’ purchase details, which include the real name and address, aren’t removed.

The Impact Team is demanding that Ashley Madison and Established Men be shut down lest they release all customer records which include private conversations, fantasies, etc. as reported by Krebs On Security.

With each data breach, the importance of a strong Cyber Security Program becomes clearer. In this case, Avid Life Media and its users are finding out the hard way.

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China Drafts A Proposed Cyber Security Law For Businesses

Data breaches by hackers are an ever increasing threat to companies around the world and the media continues to report new breaches with such regularity, it’s beginning to seem commonplace.

Some however, are not taking this issue lightly and are going a step further than implementing new cyber security programs.

The National People’s Congress, China’s top legislative body, has drafted a proposal for a Cyber Security Law which will greatly affect businesses operating in their country.

The draft law, if implemented as is, will require that network operators comply with strict cyber security obligations.

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Investments in Cyber Security Increase Following Major Data Breaches

With the increasing rate at which major companies are being breached, many are realizing the need for Cyber Security. The vulnerability of important data is being exploited by hackers around the world prompting firms to invest millions in cyber security startups as they become aware of the vitality and importance of Cyber Security.

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