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Hackers leak stolen COVID‑19 vaccine documents

The documents related to COVID-19 vaccine and medications were stolen from the EU’s medicines agency last month The European Medicines Agency (EMA), which evaluates and approves medicines for the European Union (EU), has disclosed that cybercriminals have posted online a portion of the documents that are related to COVID-19 vaccines and were stolen in a […]

5 common scams and how to avoid them

Fraudsters are quick to exploit current events for their own gain, but many schemes do the rounds regardless of what’s making the news. Here are 5 common scams you should look out for. Cybercriminals can be very creative when it comes to swindling people out of money. They will use a variety of methods to […]

Chrome, Firefox updates fix severe security bugs

Successful exploitation of some of these flaws could allow attackers to take control of vulnerable systems Google and Mozilla are each urging users to patch serious vulnerabilities in their respective web browsers, Chrome and Firefox, that could be exploited to allow threat actors to take over users’ systems. The security fixes will be rolled out […]

Stolen employee credentials put leading gaming firms at risk

It’s hardly fun and games for top gaming companies and their customers as half a million employee credentials turn up for sale on the dark web More than 500,000 login credentials linked to the employees of 25 leading game publishers have been found for sale on dark web bazaars, according to a report by threat intelligence […]

7 ways malware can get into your device

You know that malware is bad, but are you also aware of the various common ways in which it can infiltrate your devices? Malware has been one of the most common threats that netizens face daily. However, although you have heard about the various types of malware you can encounter, chances are you don’t know […]

Cybersecurity Advent calendar: Stay close to one another… Safely!

This year, many of us will be celebrating Christmas with our loved ones virtually, however we shouldn’t underestimate the value of securing our online communication. In the run-up to Christmas, many of us are probably already making plans on how to spend it with loved ones, such as planning various get-togethers with colleagues, friends and […]

Medical scans of millions of patients exposed online

Other leaked data included a range of personal information such as names, addresses and personal healthcare information. Over 45 million medical imaging files including x-rays and CT scans have been found sitting on internet-facing unprotected servers and accessible for anyone to view.  The discovery of the leaked data from hospitals and medical centers from around […]

Microsoft Patch Tuesday fixes 58 flaws

The last Patch Tuesday of the year brings another fresh batch of fixes for Microsoft products and while the number may be lower the patches are no less important. The post Microsoft Patch Tuesday fixes 58 flaws appeared first on WeLiveSecurity