Cino Cyber Safeguard Advantage

Cybersecurity is not only an IT issue but a serious business concern.

Your business needs to take action and address cybersecurity now, more than ever.

“Hackers”, “data theft”, “malware”, “ransomware”, “key logger”, and “breach” are all-too-familiar terms, but what can you do about them? Where do you start?

The CCSA Program is a cost-effective way to take a proactive stance in today’s Cyber Battlefield.

For assistance or questions, please contact us: info@cinoltd.comor 516-932-0317 x306

Once enrolled in the CCSA program a Certificate of Participation will be issued to each active Subscriber and you will begin to receive the following benefits:

External Live Network Penetration Testing;

Our team of experts will actively attempt to penetrate into your network from the internet. All Findings delivered in a detailed report.

-One test per year; for 2 External IP address.

Vulnerability Detection;

Two Scans per year of your internal IT network identify vulnerabilities that put your business at risk. Our team of certified network professionals will analyze findings and deliver a detailed written report which will serve as the basis for remediation planning and re-evaluation.

Cyber-Security Training;

Two security awareness virtual seminars per year will train employees on compliance and industry best-practices. Employees will obtain actionable intelligence to help reduce business and personal risk.

Cyber-Security Bulletins & Alerts;

Alerts and bulletins will be sent to you regarding the latest need-to-know cybersecurity events and regulations, helping you stay in front of risks and requirements.

Additional training bulletins/snippets will be sent to keep you and your staff up to date on security best-practices.

5 Anti-key Logging Software Licenses;

Keystroke encryption software for your  mobile devices and/or  Desk/Laptop computers prevents malware from stealing sensitive information such as bank account numbers, usernames, and passwords. Even when you transfer Money from one device to another.

5 Identity Theft Protection Licenses;

Proactive services to mitigate Cyber Risks and Damages

Unlimited 24/7 resolution assistance

Access to experienced fraud experts working behind the scenes

Replacement assistance for lost and stolen cards.

Access to educational tools

Incident Response & Business Continuity Plan Evaluation;

Evaluation of Existing Plan (s) and Recommendations provided

Certificate Of Participation;

Participants receive preferred rates from select providers for cyber liability insurance

Subscriber Preferred Pricing on additional services:

-ON Site Comprehensive Vulnerability and Risk Assessments

-Additional external IPs addresses for penetration testing

-Regulatory & Mandated compliance packages

-Remediation services &  preparedness

-and much more