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Week in security with Tony Anscombe

What COVID-19 may mean for privacy rights – Managing supply-chain risks – Two Windows zero-days remain unpatched As health organizations and governments use technology to tackle the spread of COVID-19, what could the use of people’s personal data mean for privacy rights over the long term? The pandemic has also highlighted the need for robust […]

6 tips for safe and secure remote working

Getting cybersecurity right in the work-from-home world can feel daunting. ESET Chief Security Evangelist Tony Anscombe shares 6 best practices that will steer you in the right direction. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the daily habits of millions of people, and working routines are no exception. With millions of people suddenly switching to telecommuting, we’re […]

Microsoft warns of two Windows zero‑day flaws

Updates for the critical-rated vulnerabilities, which are being actively exploited in the wild, are still weeks away Attackers are actively exploiting two previously undisclosed security vulnerabilities that affect all supported as well as some of the no-longer-supported versions of the Windows operating system, Microsoft announced in an out‑of‑band advisory on Monday. The security flaws, rated […]

Week in security with Tony Anscombe

How to transition to a remote workforce in a safe manner – How to protect yourself from COVID-19 scams – Stantinko’s miner caught using new obfuscation techniques The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive transition to a remote workforce, and we look at measures that companies can take in order to stay safe from the […]

Week in security with Tony Anscombe

ESET research into Turla’s new campaign – What is CEO fraud and how to defend against it – How Microsoft enterprise accounts get hacked ESET researchers document how the Turla APT group has deployed a watering hole operation that has compromised several high-profile Armenian websites and foist two new pieces on malware on carefully chosen […]

Microsoft: 99.9 percent of hacked accounts didn’t use MFA

Only 11 percent of all enterprise accounts have multi-factor authentication enabled More than 99.9 percent of Microsoft enterprise accounts that get invaded by attackers didn’t use multi-factor authentication (MFA). This stark, though not entirely surprising, finding comes from a presentation that Alex Weinert, the tech giant’s Director of Identity Security, delivered at the RSA 2020 […]

Week in security with Tony Anscombe

ESET research into the Guildma banking trojan – What can you do to stay safe from online fraud – Why become a cybersecurity professional ESET researchers have released their findings on the Guildma banking trojan that targets mainly financial institutions in Brazil and is thought to be the most advanced malware of its kind in […]

Week in security with Tony Anscombe

ESET research uncovers a vulnerability in Wi-Fi chips – How to protect yourself against tax refund fraud – Clearview AI suffers a data breach ESET researchers have published details about KrØØk, a serious vulnerability affecting common Wi-Fi chips used in devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, IoT gadgets, Wi-Fi access points and routers. As tax […]

Week in security with Tony Anscombe

Hunting down Linux threats – The implications of DNS encryption for business security – MGM Resorts breach hits millions of people What are the main threats facing Linux-based systems and how do you hunt down Linux malware? We reached out to ESET malware researcher Marc-Etienne M.Léveillé to get an expert perspective on threats facing Linux. […]

Up close and personal with Linux malware

What are the main security threats facing Linux? A Q&A with ESET Senior Malware Researcher Marc‑Etienne M.Léveillé, whose work has been instrumental in uncovering a number of malware strains hitting Linux servers. Chances are that the very word ‘Linux’ conjures up images of near-impenetrable security. However, Linux-based computer systems and applications running on them increasingly […]