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Varenyky: Spambot à la Française

ESET researchers document malware-distributing spam campaigns targeting people in France In May 2019, ESET researchers observed a spike in ESET telemetry data regarding malware targeting France. After further investigations, we identified malware that distributes various types of spam. One of them is leading to a survey that redirects to a dodgy smartphone promotion while the […]

Sharpening the Machete

ESET research uncovers a cyberespionage operation targeting the Venezuelan military Latin America is often overlooked when it comes to persistent threats and groups with politically motivated targets. There is, however, an ongoing case of cyberespionage against high-profile organizations that has managed to stay under the radar. The group behind these attacks has stolen gigabytes of […]

From Carnaval to Cinco de Mayo – The journey of Amavaldo

The first in an occasional series demystifying Latin American banking trojans At the end of 2017, a group of researchers from ESET’s Prague malware lab decided to take a deeper look at the infamous Delphi-written banking trojans that are known to target Brazil. We extended our focus to other parts of Latin America (such as […]