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Zoom patches zero‑day flaw in Windows client

The vulnerability exposed Zoom users running Windows 7 or earlier OS versions to remote attacks The Zoom videoconferencing platform was affected by a zero-day vulnerability that could have allowed attackers to remotely execute commands on affected machines. The flaw impacted devices running the Windows operating system, specifically Windows 7 and earlier. The company has since […]

Billions of stolen passwords for sale on the dark web

While logins to music and video streaming services sell for less than ten dollars each, domain admin access is being offered for US$120,000 More than 15 billion stolen account credentials are up for grabs on cybercrime forums, with 5 billion of them considered unique, meaning that they haven’t been offered for sale more than once, […]

Attackers target critical flaw in popular networking gear

The vulnerability, which received the highest possible severity score, leaves thousands of devices at risk of being taken over by remote attackers. A patch is available. F5 Networks, one of the world’s leading providers of enterprise networking equipment, has recently published a security advisory about a critical vulnerability that impacts its BIG-IP multi-purpose networking devices […]

Raising children in the social media limelight? Pause before you post

How (over)sharing your children’s triumphs and antics with the world may impact their immediate and distant future – and how to reduce the risks of ‘sharenting’ Most people like to share glimpses of their personal lives on social media, ranging from sports activities and delicious food to achievements and special moments. These are usually shared […]

The Fed shares insight on how to combat synthetic identity fraud

The Federal Reserve looks at ways to counter what is thought to be the fastest-growing type of financial crime in the country The United States’ Federal Reserve has published advice for financial institutions located in the US on how to mitigate risks of synthetic identity payments fraud. Citing an analysis by the Auriemma Group, the […]

Hundreds arrested after police crack encrypted chat network

European police infiltrate EncroChat, go on to crack down on crime kingpins and seize guns, drugs, cars and millions in cash Law enforcement agencies in Europe recently cracked an instant messaging system used by organized crime before the ensuing police operation ultimately led to the arrests of more than 800 suspected criminals, mostly in the […]

Thousands of MongoDB databases ransacked, held for ransom

The cybercriminal behind the ransom raids on almost 23,000 databases threatens to leak the data and alert GDPR regulators An unknown cybercriminal has infiltrated 22,900 unsecured MongoDB databases, wiping their contents and leaving behind a ransom note demanding bitcoin in return for the data. If the ransom isn’t paid within two days, they threatened to […]

What is a password manager and why is it useful?

A password manager can make your digital life both simpler and more secure. Are there any downsides to relying on software to create and store your passwords? Recently we commemorated World Password Day with an article that dealt with five common mistakes to avoid when it comes to passwords. And although password protection can be […]

Facial recognition technology banned in another US city

In a move lauded by privacy advocates, Boston joins the ranks of cities that have voted down the municipal use of the technology Boston has become the second-largest city in the world after San Francisco to ban the use of facial recognition technology by police and city agencies. The ordinance was passed unanimously on Wednesday and bars […]

Majority of new remote employees use their personal laptops for work

And many of them didn’t receive any new security training or tools from their employer to properly secure the devices, a study finds With the COVID-19 pandemic surging around the world, many companies have had to switch to a work-from-home policy to keep their employees safe. The rush to remote work didn’t come without risks; […]