10 Tips to Protect Your Organization from Cyber Breaches in 2016

As we begin 2016, many businesses and organizations are taking what they’ve learned in 2015 and developing strategies to ensure that 2016 is just as, if not more, successful. One important thing to remember while planning ahead, aside from increasing the bottom line, is to include Cyber Security best-practice resolutions.

A major lesson learned in 2015 is that hackers and identity thieves are not only growing in number, but they are growing more emboldened with each successful breach and show no signs of slowing down in 2016.

For this reason a culture of Cyber Security is essential in every business, especially small to medium-sized businesses. Employees and customers alike should be educated on existing threats, particularly those they are exposed to, as well as how to protect themselves from a breach.

Here are 10 tips to help protect yourself and your business in 2016:

1) Create or update our information security and governance policy.

2) Update and test your plan annually. Include penetration testing, along with a simulated data breach event.

3) Annual employee education should be the number 1 priority. Individuals, not hackers, are the cause of most data breaches,

4) Define the proprietary/sensitive information for your business, confirm which employees need access to it and then train those employees on it.

5) Use at leas 14-character passwords including lower and uppercase letters, numbers and signs. Change your passwords every 90 days. A great password tip is to write and easy-to-remember sentence or phrase.

6) Complete regular software updates and patches. Most hacking events leverage old flaws that already have been addressed but proper patches have not been applied.

7) Emphasize the importance of protecting employees and customers when connecting to the Internet. Do not use public wi-fi except with encryption or over a VPN.

8) Know about and understand state and federal breach notification laws, which can significantly impact your business.


For information on developing a Cyber Security Program for yourself or your business visit our Cyber Security page or contact us at 516.932.0317 ext 312.