Cino Ltd. CEO Joseph Saracino Interviewed by Newsday

We are extremely proud to announce that our very own Joseph Saracino, CEO of Cino Ltd. Companies, was recently interviewed by Christine Giordano of Newsday.

As founder and CEO of Cino Ltd. Companies, Joseph has been at the forefront in the fight against cyber crime. His knowledge base and experience qualify him as a top consultant in the Cyber Security field as his specialty is assessing and exposing the vulnerabilities in a system and then putting the most effective security counter measures in place to protect the data contained within.


As more people become aware of the rising threat of cyber breaches, the interest in cyber education and security grows as well. As this is Cyber Security Awareness Month, we’ve been providing advice and tips from several organizations on how to secure your system from a data breach.

This week, Cino Ltd. CEO Joseph Saracino will be providing you with the knowledge and  necessary actions to be taken that will help you avoid becoming yet another casualty in the war against cyber crime.

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